We help investors increase portfolio returns with weekly investment research about shifts in government monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies.  These policies don’t merely influence markets, they determine asset prices through the feedback mechanism of capital flows. Our policy research simplifies an investment universe complicated by the media and helps investors select the correct asset classes, countries, sectors and industries.

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Unfortunately, most “news” is wrong with respect to how real markets respond to the changing political and economic landscapes.  Our weekly Policy Based Investing research provides a deeper look into what is really happening and how it affects financial markets. Our goal is to change how you see the world in order to put you in a more powerful position to take the appropriate investment actions.  Each week we provide insights on current political, economic and investment themes. We reveal the policy truth behind the headlines. We alert readers to policy impacts on their portfolios through our “Allocator” and “Policy Map” products that identifies assets helped and hurt by the economic policy environment.

Our research combines government economic policy insights with actionable investment ideas. Whether you are investing your own money, overseeing your advisors’ actions or are, yourself, a professional advisor helping clients navigate markets, Policy Based Investing will enhance your ability to see the economic policy reality and take more effective actions.  We have attractively priced our research so everyone can access institutional quality, policy led investment thinking.

PBI shares a remarkable understanding of the way the world works and the connection between economic policy, the economy and financial markets. I have known Russell since 1971 and consider him a great friend Art Laffer, founded Supply-Side economics
PBI combines a fine sense of markets with an ability to ‘see’ which policy changes really matterJake Garn, former US Senator (UT), NASA astronaut

You’ve earned clients’ trust, now keep it. Use our research to be better informed about policy impacts on your clients’ assets. Regardless of your investing style, we help you anticipate and respond to asset price changes caused by shifts in policy. Bolster your ability to invest client assets, and more effectively communicate ideas about global policy and its investment implications. You are successful because your clients are, and those clients trust you to know more about markets and policy than merely reading financial press or standard Wall Street research.  Better serve those clients asking deep, probing questions about markets, policies and, most importantly, their wealth.
You are in a very precarious place. If you do not plan to work for income, then you are relying on current assets to fund your lifestyle. Losing significant capital is a disaster, because there is no guarantee you will get it back.  The market has no memory and does not owe you a double if you lose half.  The only guarantee you will have is a reduction in your lifestyle. Use our weekly research to increase portfolio returns, avoid policy driven bear markets, have better conversations with your own advisors and act more effectively with all of your assets, not merely your portfolio.
Our research is attractively priced for younger investors in wealth accumulation mode to begin learning fundamental economic and policy distinctions. Improve your career and make smarter financial moves on your way to building assets. This knowledge is essential for attaining and preserving wealth. Ask anyone who has made it, and they’ll tell you that hunger for knowledge was crucial in getting them to where they are today.
Your corporate clients demand that you are smart, knowledgeable and current in your analysis of not only your company but its place in the larger market and global economy.  No one expects you to know the future, but you better have intelligent speculations about what could happen and why. If you don’t, your competition will.  Use our weekly research to increase your macroeconomic awareness and become more effective with your company and your clients.
You are tied to political news, TV and radio.  Face it, you’re a junkie for politics.  Learn how to translate those political beliefs into investable policy based investing ideas.  No matter who is in office, there will be winners and losers in financial markets.  You may not like it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t profit.

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To use their term, PBI is the “Just One Thing” that can make a difference between successful portfolio management and mediocrity and, more importantly, between comfort and anxiety. Through a unique and uncanny ability to filter the incessant noise of headlines and distill complex situations to arrive at logical conclusions, RTW helps readers understand what is most likely to change at the margin and how that change will impact longer term trendsPaul McWilliams, renowned technology investor and founder of the Nextinning Technology Newsletter

PBI cuts through the noise and onslaught of information to focus you on the developments – economic, political and social – that are “on the margin.” To do so, Russell and James provide a rigorous and coherent intellectual framework that is consistent with human nature. The consequence is impactful incite instead of complex explanation, and the opportunity to learn even as you are being informed. Russell and James bring to their analyses and their “no-excuses” experience as a professional investment team with an emphasis on anticipating the direction of the economy and financial markets. The cumulative benefits of reading their clear thinking about the world are applicable to anyone in business or investments, or who simply enjoys a better understandingCharles Kadlec, Founder, Community of Liberty; columnist, Forbes.com

PBI provides a unique and invaluable window into the world of economics and the factors governing the exchange of goods and services. The breadth of perspective of its authors provide an integrated view which includes not just financial and economic facts and factors, but also political, social, cultural, demographic and psychological assertions and assessments that show up ultimately on balance sheets. Moreover its authors have the depth of understanding that allows them to ‘read’ these factors as background forces that gather force and allow anticipatory perspective. This is crucial in our rapidly changing world. Dr. Matthew Budd, MD

Russell Redenbaugh and James Juliano not only believe in Classical economic thinking, but they’ve take the extra – and courageous – step of very successfully applying it to the allocation of capital.John Tamny, Editor at RealClearMarkets and Forbes; Author of Popular Economics

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